VIDEO TUTORIAL: Freezing Water/Splash Photography

I have been asked about getting the Diet Coke/Water Splash images from several people so I decided to create a video tutorial.  This is my first video tutorial so please go easy on me.  Let me know here, on the blog, if you have any questions so everyone can learn from the questions and discussion.  Enjoy this short video tutorial - I hope it helps!   SH

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Great tutorial! I’d love to see more.

    Dumb question. How are you able to have the Pocket Wizards control the camera and the lights at the same time?


    • Seth Hancock says:

      Not a dumb question at all! I had wondered this very thing before looking and seeing that Pocket Wizard makes a cable for cameras like my Nikon that plugs into the 10-pin port on the front of the camera. You need two PW for this since one attaches to the camera and the other one is used to fire the camera. Here’s a link to the cable from B&H that works on Nikon cameras. If you shoot Nikon then just do a search for the same name of the cable and look for the Canon version. It was been so wonderful to have and opens up possibilities for many other great shots like self portraits or attaching your camera to a basketball backboard and get a shot of someone dunking… the list goes on and on. 🙂



    • Seth Hancock says:

      Also, please let me know what Tutorials you would like to see more of here. I already have a request for using Color Correcting Filters on lights and would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what you would like to see. Again, thanks.


  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much! I just ordered the cable. I loved your tutorial on the color filters too! I have many ideas on tutorials I would love to see. My brain is mush at the moment, but I will gather my thoughts and let you know. Thank you again!