The one person who (unfortunately) could not be a part of my series “10 Minutes with a Stranger.”

Chris Hardwick, Walking Dead, Talking Dead, 10 Minutes with a Stranger

Here's the great Chris Hardwick. His question was, "Since you have been able to do so much with your life, what would you change about anything that has happened?"

During the course of my trip across America I met so many wonderful people. One of the coolest people I got to meet was Actor, Comedian, TV Show Host Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead, After Midnight, Stand-Up Comedy and countless other things). While attending a comedy show with my friend Jeannie in Salt Lake City I got the chance to meet Chris. He asked what I was doing in town and I told him about the project. He was really, really curious about the project and so I asked if he would be a part of it. He said, "Yes." He said that we could do this after his stand-up show (which is incredibly funny, smart and entertaining by the way). We met in the lobby after the show and I had about 3 minutes with him. I asked Jeannie to hold the light for me and we knocked out three images so he could go. I am not really happy with the images but they worked for how quickly we had to work and stick with the overall look of the series. Sadly, Chris could never be a part of this project and not because he's a celebrity. I have a signed release form from him and his agreement to be a part of this. However, after looking at all the images from the trip my team and I decided not to have him as part of the series (either in the book or on the website) since there are no other celebrities in the series. Therefore, since we wanted to keep with a theme of just the "everyday" people I met along the journey, it wouldn't make sense to have someone like him in the series as it would or could possibly throw off the overall flow of the series. Even though I couldn't have Chris in the series I do really appreciate him taking the time to be a part of this series and spending a short amount of time with me. He's a really nice person! I think making a series of a celebrity "10 Minutes with a Stranger" could be next on the agenda! 🙂

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