Documentary Blog #8 – Photos coming, I promise.

As a photographer you would expect that I would augment these blog posts with photos.  Well, you’re right.  I should have been doing that along the way.  But, since I am in research mode, I am not thinking about photos as much as I am thinking about research, learning, finding the story/voice of the film and the overall direction.  However, I can assure that with all of the subsequent blog entries there will be photos of what I have experienced, the people I have met and the places I am traveling. One person Sister Sam (see previous blog post) informed me of is named Carla Laemmle.  She is the niece of Universal Studios founder, Carl Laemmle, and was in the original “Phantom of the Opera” in 1929 and the original “Dracula” (starring Bella Lugosi) in 1931.  She is 101 years old and gets meals delivered to her on a daily basis.  We are trying to secure her interview right now.  So, if that happens then I will be getting photos of Carla and will include photos from this point forward. BLOG UPDATE:  SCORE!  Carla Laemmle agreed to be interviewed so I will be heading to her house within the next week to get her story.  I don’t know if it will make the documentary or what she will have to say but I cannot pass up this opportunity to interview her and see what she has to say, how she lives her life and why hunger is an issue for her. Check out the experience I had with her in the next blog post (Hint, MONDAY). 🙂

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