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A good camera is like a friend.  Someone who is always there for you, listens, does what you want (most of the time) and is a great travel companion.  I love my cameras. They have gone all over the country with me, helped me make some great images, and taught me what bad images look like.  When I'm standing in the middle of a forest waiting to get that perfect light or image the camera is, all too often, the only other thing there to talk with or interact with during those lonely hours.  Don't get me wrong, I am not an insane person (although some will debate that :D) who talks with my camera expecting a response or anthropomorphizes inanimate objects by giving them names or personalities.  But the relationship with a camera is different, I think. Knowing that, I think it's time to part with one of my dear camera friends.  My Nikon D300.  I love this camera and have learned a lot about my photography and myself from this camera.  But, I have outgrown this camera and now it just sits around not being used.  I know someone will get a great deal by buying my Nikon D300 and the accessories I am providing.  This is a great camera with very low use.  In fact Nikon rates the D300 to last 200,000 shutter fires (or actuations as they're called in photography) and this camera only has 15,630 actuations - not even 1/10th of its life.   Outside of my wife and dogs, there are only two things I love more than this camera and those are (in order) my other Nikon camera and my Jukebox.  Not much else means as much to me but I am not using it and I know someone else can get a great camera for a great price knowing it was personally cared for by me the entire time. Here's the link to the sale on eBay if you are interested or know someone who needs a great camera that is the next step above a "Point and Shoot" or a consumer DSLR.  There are loads of great add-ons too.  All in all, this would cost around $2200.00 in today's market but I am selling this for much, much less. eBay Sale Link - SH

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