Open Show LA

Making my presentation at Open Show LA

I was selected to be part of a monthly art exhibit that is part of the Open Show series throughout the country and the world.  I think it's a pretty nice "tip of the cap" to be selected for this.  Anytime someone is recognized for their work or project is a nice acknowledgement of the work that is being created.  Most of the people selected are photographers but there are others like documentary filmmakers, multimedia creators, mixed-media artists, etc.  It's an honor and privilege to be a part of this show/exhibit.  This show in late March was held at the Venice Arts Center.

The exhibit features 4 artists and we each get to present our projects, show our work and talk with people attending the exhibit.  For some reason, I was first (alphabetically) and got to get up and make my presentation on my photography and video work for the documentary "Leftovers."  I think this may be the first time I have ever been selected first from an alphabetic perspective but I have no issue being in front of people and was able to get up, introduce my project, show the trailer and the display the photos from the project while talking about the film and life changing experiences this processed has provided me over the last 16 months.

 I was surprised at the reception this documentary received during my presentation but since a film like this has never been made before I think a lot of people in attendance can relate to what is happening to our seniors and the journey I had taken to make this film.  I was asked several questions from several different people and was genuinely surprised at the overall interest in this project.  Some of the questions asked were personal about my experiences but several people asked about a "solution" to the problem.  What's interesting about that is that the film does provide a solution but seeking a solution was something we weren't initially looking for in the initial outline/storyboard of the project.  However, after traveling to a number of places and hearing people talk about solutions (but never really offering solutions) I knew we had to get extra money to travel and find the solutions.  I am so thankful to Meals on Wheels Association of America for giving an additional $30k so we could travel to Austin, TX and Detroit, MI to talk about and showcase some solutions.

The rest of the night went well and I got to watch and listen to the other featured artists that night.  One of the fellow presenters is my friend, Patty Lemke, who is working on a lifelong photography project of balloons.  And, another exhibitor, Bret Van Ort, talked about his photography/documentary project about Land Mines in Bosnia.  Here' s a link to Brett's work "Minescape" ( - which I found quite fascinating.  If there is an opportunity to get involved or be selected by Open Show in your respective city then please do so.  Hopefully your work will be selected and you can share your passion and projects with the community.


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