One of my favorite “Strangers” – Marcelle

I often get asked about the people I met and what they wrote in the journal. Most times people ask me how I was able to get people to write something so deep, personal or meaningful. I often say, "I just gave these people a platform for their voices to be heard and they took advantage of it." Sometimes I asked people personal questions. Sometimes I asked people funny, silly questions. It all depends on their personality and how they acted around me when I approached them. Here is Marcelle. Marcelle has an infectious smile and is someone that I could have just talked with all day because of his personality. So in talking with him I asked about the fact that he has several jobs, is a husband and father. I wanted to know if his life had turned out the way he wanted and since everyone got asked a different question I had to come up with something creative. His question was, "If you could go back and tell 15-year-old Marcelle what's important in life then what you would tell him?" Meet Marcelle in Buffalo, NY!

Marcelle has one of the best smiles of anyone I met along the journey.

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