Documentary Blog #27 – Good-bye Booneville, Hello Orlando

Well, it's time to say good-bye to my friends in Booneville, KY.  I had a great time getting to know some wonderful people and had some experiences I will never forget.  More importantly, I was able to capture some incredible footage and interviews for the documentary.  I was somewhat reluctant to come to Booneville initially but my fears quickly dissipated when Kaleb and I started to immerse ourselves into this culture. I am really going to miss the people here but have vowed to return within the year for the documentary premiere or just to help deliver meals.  The only thing that will be different from this trip is I am bringing my wife with me.  She has heard all of the stories about this place and wants to experience for herself and she will make the trip with me whenever I return.

In the center of town is the Owsley County Court House. I can tell you stories about what goes on around this building that will have your mouth agape (a-gape and not a-ga-pay).

I did fail to mention that Kaleb and I had ZERO internet connectivity and extremely limited cell phone reception while in the area.  When we returned to our house/hotel and walked into the front door we would immediately lose reception of any kind.  We had to stand on the front porch most of the time to talk with our significant others.  Most nights were rainy, windy and cold so it didn't make it any easier trying to talk with someone on the phone.  One night we got locked inside the house/hotel when the handle on the door was stuck and the door wouldn't open.  Neither Kaleb or I couldn't get cell service to call Linda and have her come and save us.  We couldn't escape through the back door because it was completely boarded up. We were trapped.  Finally I put my phone as close to my bedroom window as I could and was able to get ONE bar.  I used that good fortune to call Linda and have her come and free us from our time in purgatory.  Kaleb and I have several little stories and experiences like this one that will gladly share over drinks with any of you reading this some day.  As we drove away from Booneville I was somewhat sad in knowing that a part of me will always be in this city and these people but I have to move on because I have four interesting, personable and caring women waiting for me in Orlando  at Seniors First.

This is one of the last pictures I made before leaving Booneville. Here Kaleb is posing on the highway and some random guy rides by on a four-wheeler... SCORE!

While working in Booneville I used my phone to check my email whenever I had a signal.  During that time I was alerted that I was given permission to film the Ms. Florida Senior America pageant while in Orlando and can use it in my documentary.  Not only does Seniors First kick some serious ass they also we helpful in lining up this opportunity to share a story with American most people don't get the chance to see.  So now it's off to Orlando!

Miss Senior Florida 2010. If you think she's HOT it's because she is! We can only hope to look at good and be that nimble when we're seniors.

By the way, I finally got 3G service on my iPhone about an hour after leaving Booneville.  Praise Tom Cruise! 🙂

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  1. Stormy says:

    Sorry to see you go but know good things will come !

  2. Melanie says:

    Was sorry to see both you and Kaleb leave, but know you had to finish your work. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Also hope you see both you and your wife when you both come to visit Booneville, hopefully around Thanksgiving. Just send me an e-mail and I’ll meet you in town or at Cleda’s.

    Take care of yourself and keep on writing, look forward to reading your blogs every day.