Documentary Blog #25 – A little something about the people of Booneville, KY

The last couple of blogs have been about my experience in Booneville, KY and what I have observed.  Yes, I have seen some people being treated badly and I note it here because I want you, the reader, to understand everything I am seeing and experiencing.  Just as I was open about my initial feelings about making this type of documentary I need to be honest about the experiences, where we stayed, who we have met and how those people have affected me (good or bad).  I have an opinion and observations and need to point them out so that you can get an idea of what's going on in my mind since this documentary is about my journey and experiences.

This is one of my new friends, Dave. He just loved the fact we paid attention to him. He is just a good 'ole boy with a great personality.

That said, I DO NOT want you to get the wrong impression about my experience with the people of Booneville.  These people are the nicest, friendliest, most caring, benevolent, gracious, curious, sweet, endearing, charming, genuine and most wonderful people I have ever known.  Many of these people don't have the proverbial "pot" in which to piss but they are happy, simple (in life but not in mind) and content.  I can't tell you how many times people wanted to have us over for dinner.  It touched me in ways I have never experienced.  I couldn't imagine not having a lot of money or food and then asking someone to come and share what little I do have.  To me that is unfathomable but to people we met it is their way of life.  Sure, many of these people moved away to get work because they had to but ultimately returned here to enjoy life.  It is one of the most beautiful areas of the country.  And, while the restaurants don't cater to my (mostly) vegetarian diet I still enjoyed eating there and sitting at a table never knowing who will come up to the table and site down with Kaleb and me for lunch, dinner or just to talk about life.  The people like Linda Marcum (owned the place where we stayed) and Cleda Turner are some of the most colorful and interesting people I have met and others like some of the people I will talk about in my post tomorrow are those I genuinely care about and want to know what happens in their lives.

The Hometown Cafe. If you ever make here make sure you order dessert and ask for "gobs" if you want a lot or "a smidgeon" if you just want a little.

My trip to Booneville has been the most eye-opening and life-changing trip I have ever taken and all of these people have a very special place in my heart.  Sure, some people said some things to make someone cry or weren't as friendly as other people in the community but we all have different personalities and styles and you find that behavior no matter where you live.  I am not judging these people for their style but think there may be better ways to solve a problem and I merely point that out in my observations.  I will always have a piece of Booneville in my heart, have some wonderful memories and am happy to call many of the people Kaleb and I met my friends.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to get to Booneville for hiking, bike riding or just wonderful company at the local greasy spoons!  I know you will walk away with a different outlook on life and could possibly make a new friend or two.

This woman and her family own The Hometown Cafe. She got to know Kaleb and me pretty well.

Tomorrow I share out time at the Senior Center and our gift to the Hollan Family. See you then, Seth

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  1. Cleda says:

    You fit right in with Linda and Cleda along with Kaleb that why you where so well received, “you where one of us”

    First Baptist Church in Frankfort provides the Old Motel as a place for Susie “The Food Place” and for work camp to stay in Owsley County, they are also a big source of support for a lot of project through Faith Baptist Missions.

  2. Cleda says:

    Seth left Booneville KY sing ” My Town”