Documentary Blog #16 – Back in LA and then leaving for a month

Once back in LA I had to start digesting everything I just saw and learned in Marin County and how I was going to incorporate it into the overall story.  Honestly, I think I will worry about that once all the footage is collected.  I know I got some great interviews and stories in Marin and now have to focus on the what’s next.  And, since I am making a documentary about seniors I can’t leave out the great state of Florida.  I had been researching several organizations in Florida over the last month or so but hadn’t picked a location or organization.  Then my wife informed me that she was going to Orlando for a conference and asked if I wanted to tag along.  Since no organization had really grabbed my attention thus far I thought I might as well start researching Orlando and I am certainly glad I did.
Condominium Los Angeles

Back home in LA

In my first look at Orlando I came across an organization called “Seniors First.”  They have been serving seniors in Florida for around 46 years and once I started looking at everything they provide I knew I had to have them as part of the story.  You know, every documentary has a “shining star” or at least one area of hope.  In a lot of docs I have seen there is always one great example of someone doing something right and I knew I had found it in Seniors First.  Now, I just had to talk with them and convince them to let me come down and film them for the documentary.  This can be harder than you think.
Seniors First, Orlando Florida, Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, Disneyworld

Seniors First in Orlando, FL

Don’t get me wrong, Victor with Meals on Wheels in Marin County is doing some wonderful things but is limited by his budget and services and a government that doesn’t seem as if it wants to support his efforts.  But with Seniors First they really have a tremendous amount of services and would be the ideal addition to the documentary.  Also, please understand there is a considerable amount of research involved and I just didn’t read their web page and get all “gaga’ over them.  I am paraphrasing and condensing this blog in order to make it short but thorough and keep you informed without boring you with the minutiae of my everyday acts and thoughts.  Unless you really want to know all the explicit details then I can start including them.  Like now, for instance, I have to pee! 🙂
Owsley County Kentucky, Booneville, Poorest Place in America, Town, Appalachia

Owsley County, Kentucky - The poorest place in America

Anyway, I am still working on securing my additional trip to the poorest place in America.  As I said before, since we were at one of the wealthiest areas in the country I then have to go to the poorest and see how the stories are similar or different.  That place is Booneville, Kentucky and I have already made a couple of contacts there as well.  So, once I talk with Seniors First then I should be able to make the trip to Orlando and Booneville before coming back to LA and seeing where I have the money to venture off to next.   Tomorrow – Costs are adding up and why I am asking for $ donations!

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  1. Stormy says:

    BooneVile being the Poorest in Money but big on spirit … add
    that in somehow . The people here are some of the most down
    to earth sweetest people you will ever meet .

    • Seth Hancock says:

      Be patient. I haven’t talked about my experience in Booneville yet and how it changed my life. You just have to wait for me to get to that part of the journey/story! 🙂