Documentary Blog #14 – My birthday and loud, heavy music

Today is Saturday and it’s my birthday.  Lisa flew up from LA last night and we stayed at the Hilton near Union Square in SF.  I love this hotel and area.  I just love San Francisco and don’t know how anyone can’t love this city.  Everything about it is historic, scenic, beautiful and romantic.  We woke up that morning and decided to check out the streets so we went for a walk around O’Farrell Street and somehow ended up at Neiman-Marcus.  Of course we went shopping and dined at the famous Rotunda Restaurant inside the store.  In case you are wondering, yes, I was very aware of how fortunate I am to be eating at such a great restaurant with every bite of that food.  I couldn’t help but think about all of the people I have seen and met over the last couple of days and how something as simple as food (something many of us take for granted) is a luxury to some people.  Then Lisa and I made our way back out to the streets to find a wonderful little cupcake store along the walk.  If any of you know my wife then you know we cannot pass up the opportunity for her to stop and get cake (in any form).
Rotunda restaurant at Neiman-Marcus in San Francisco, Seth Hancock, Photographer, Lunch

Me sitting at the Rotunda restaurant at Neiman-Marcus in San Francisco.

Rotunda Restaurant in San Francisco.

A really bad iPhone picture of my wife, Lisa, at the Rotunda Restaurant in San Francisco.

Later that night Frank and I were to meet up at the location of Victor’s band’s performance.  His band, The Midnight Bombers, were scheduled to go on at… anyone care to take a guess?  That’s right, midnight!   We got the cameras ready and in position to see this man in action and listen to his band.  I had no idea what I was in for but our cameras were ready to go and I had my still camera securely around my neck to capture any and all moments of the band playing.  We were at a recording studio that was conducting their “soft opening.”  A soft opening is before the “Grand Opening” so that any kinks can get worked out before the studio opens to the public.  It was a nice, large space that was almost warehouse-like with great recording space for large, professional bands or the single artist just wanting to lay down some tracks.  It was a really cool space. After hearing three other bands perform before The Midnight Bombers, I was anxious to hear them perform.  Finally it was their time and they took the stage.  They were all dressed in black and the guitarist started to strum some chords and play long, sustained notes.  Occasionally the guitarist, bassist and drummer (Victor) would crescendo to a punched hit and then go back into the chords and single, sustained note.  This was all done in a build up for the performance. It was a cool opening.  By the way, the Midnight Bombers had the largest crowd of any band there that night.  That was impressive.
Midnight Bombers Thrash Metal Band, San Fransisco, Victor Buick Drums

The Midnight Bombers performing. Victor playing drums.

The lead singer took the stage and they started playing some of the loudest, fastest and heaviest music I have ever heard.  And, not to my surprise, it was good, damn good.  I had a variety of conversations with Victor over the last couple of days and music was a big part of those conversations so I knew he truly cared for and was passionate about music (along with feeding those seniors).  So, not only were they loud, fast and heavy but the music was tight!  Super tight.
Victor rockin' out at their great show at the studio

Victor rockin' out at their great show at the studio

The Bombers in Black and White, Thrash Metal, San Fransisco, Live music

The Bombers in Black and White

  The following day Frank and I loaded up the car and went back to LA making certain we got some great scenic shots along the way. Check out The Midnight Bombers here -

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  1. Thanks, I’m glad you had a good time! We had a blast that night!