Some great FREE learning tools/inspiration from Profoto

Here's a really quick post about something I discovered a while back but never got around to sharing.  Check out Profoto's Masters Series on lighting from some of the best photographers working. PROFOTO MASTERS SERIES LIGHTING VIDEOS If you are a working photographer or someone building a business in photography then you have to check out this site.  It doesn't matter if you are a Commercial, Wedding, Portrait or Pet Photographer.  There are great tips to learn about lighting, visualizing the scene, being prepared for all kinds of shoots and knowing how and where to place your lights.  And, the best part... THEY'RE FREE TO VIEW! Most of these videos are relatively short so with today's Attention Deficit Society they won't take up too much of your time.  However, I think these are worth watching and you'll find yourself watching several of these videos in one sitting because they are just that great.  Make sure you check out the video by Kareem Black on his shoot for Burger King.  Not only is it HILARIOUS but it is brilliant too. There's lots of great stuff to learn here so make sure you check it out and bookmark it as it is a great source or learning and inspiration. Until Next Time, SH

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