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  • Photo Shoot with “Two Broke Girls” star Matthew Moy

    I always like getting the phone call or email from people asking me to photograph them. Heck, it's why I do what I do. But I have to say I was completely blown away when I was asked by Matthew Moy from the hit Sitcom "Two Broke Girls" to make some new images of him for his own portfolio.
    Matthew Moy Two Broke Girls Kat Denning

    This is a great image of Matthew as it shows off his wonderful personality.

    We met through a mutual friend and when Matthew saw my work he instantly wanted to work with me and I was utterly flattered.  In talking with Matthew initially it was clear to me that he wanted some dramatic, more serious shots of him.  After all, his character on the television show is a great supporting character who is, at times, the butt of the joke.  But, hey, that's his character.  With that in mind, I wanted to make something GRAND for him and he gave me carte blanche to come up with something that was different, unique and dramatic.  That was easy because I know different, unique, funny and dramatic. I sat down and started coming up with some ideas after watching a couple of episodes of his sitcom.  While watching I noticed he never really had a love interest or came off as a "ladies man" (again, that's just his character) so I wanted to give him something that was a bit of a departure from the character so people can see the real Matthew Moy.  Someone who is playful, funny, smart, sincere, humble and just a really nice person.  That said, I started racking my brain trying to come up with some ideas and then it hit me... let's make Matthew Moy THE ladies man and have some fun with it in the process.  I ran the ideas and concepts by Matthew and he was completely down with and excited about the shoot and various concepts. THREE CONCEPTS The first concept was to do something a little more "tame" in the sense of positioning Matthew as a bit of stud.  At the same time, I wanted to throw in some humor with the concept as well.  So the first concept was all about Matthew being surrounded by beautiful, scantily-clad women who were worshiping this man.  But, I still needed some humor in the shots so I scoured the interwebs looking for the funniest book I could possibly find.  That's when I found the book "How to Live With A HUGE PENIS" and I knew I had to incorporate this book into the shot.  When the was presented to Matthew and he was fine with the idea I knew we were going to have a lot of fun that day.  That hardest part was to get all six female models to create the right facial expressions in each of the shots (without laughing) so they would be believable... over the top and campy, but believable. Here are the three images from the first concept.  
    Hugh Heffner Matthew Moy

    This is a reproduction of a famous image of Hugh Hefner from the 1960s.

    Matthew Moy Two Broke Girls Ladies Man

    Matthew Moy being surrounded and worshiped by the beautiful models.

    Matthew Moy Ladies Man Two Broke Girls

    Oh the problems Matthew Moy must face

    The second concept was to create more of a "vibe" with Matthew and the models.  In the three images above, the models are wearing more traditional lingerie and that was done on purpose to create scenes that could be viewed as more "timeless" than from a particular period.  After this series of shots the models changed into more current or trendy lingerie as to create the "Party scenes" from the shoot.  I have to thank one of the models Christine Idiivil for putting me in contact with Clare Bare Lingerie.  As an aside, Clare was so awesome in CUSTOM MAKING the lingerie for each model.  I had to send Clare each model's measurements and she cut and sewed each piece to accurately fit each model.  Once I had the second set of clothing I could create a completely different scene/vibe for Matthew and the models.  I added the AMAZING sofa from Circa Vintage Rentals here in Los Angeles as well as a nice painting of kittens from Hollywood Cinema Arts as well as bubble machine.  Here I was wanting to put a more modern spin on the '90s rap videos while still positioning Matthew as a really strong, dynamic figure in each shot.  I also had Matthew change clothes so he could fit into the scene and make it even that much more believable.  Here are a couple of images from that set up.
    Matthew Moy Two Broke Girls Photo Shoot Party

    This was the party shot and my homage to some great '90s and early 2000s videos.

    Matthew Moy Two Broke Girls Photo Shoot

    Changing the overall look of the shoot just by changing clothes.

    The third and final setup consisted of Matthew in some solo shots.  I, once again, had him change clothing into something more sophisticated for the final shots.  I left the sofa and moved it away from the back wall a bit, took down the painting of the kittens and tweaked the lighting.  The idea for this shoot was to match the lighting with his personality and what I was trying to convey.  For the shots of him with a more serious tone I drop the third of the three light back a bit (by a stop or two) to create a mood.  When the shots were more playful and fun I brought the light back up to create a more fun, playful scene.  Then, about an hour into the shoot, my wife shows up with one of our dogs, Rocky.  Rocky is a two-year-old Doberman who LOVES attention and has a great personality.  He was getting attention from the female models who stuck around and so I thought I would ask Matthew if he would want to pose with Rocky.  Again, he said YES!  I love clients like these who are down for anything that may work.  I made some of the images of Matthew by himself as to keep the dramatic lighting and then brought in Rocky, boosted the lighting a little more and made some images with Matthew and Rocky.  I think you can see personality in all of the following images.
    Matthew Moy Two Broke Girls Dressed Up Serious

    Matthew Moy getting a little serious in this great set.

    Matthew Moy Actor Two Broke Girls Photo Shoot

    Matthew Moy showing off his more serious side.

    Matthew Moy Two Broke Girls Kat Denning

    This is a great image of Matthew as it shows off his wonderful personality.

    Matthew Moy Two Broke Girls Dramatic Actor Pose

    I love this powerful, candid image of Matthew Moy.

    All in all, it was a great day.  Matthew Moy has to be one of the nicest people with whom I have worked and his attitude made this day possible.  If he hadn't been down for any of these ideas then I think we would have made some great images but nothing like what was created in concepts 1 and 2.  So awesome to work with people like him. For all the lighting people out there, I just want you to know I created all of these images with 2-3 lights.  Overhead was a Profoto Pro Globe with a Profoto Acute B600R pack attached (all for overhead, ambient lighting).  The key and fill lights were from a Broncolor 1200L Move Pack.  A five foot octabank was the key and 3'x4' Chimera Medium Softbox was the fill. Here's a little Behind The Scenes Video of how these were made and how much fun we had that day! I want to thank the following people for their hard work, positive attitude and dedication for making this shoot a reality: Adam Horner - My friend and trusty assistant Tracey Taylor - Great MUA and Hair Stylist Models - Crystal Brooke, Kenzie Harr, Shannon Dee Lewis, Christine Adams, Paige Feddersohn and Zenani Che.

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