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  • Ever wonder why she looks so good?

    I just found this and had to share.  This is why all models look so good and why you will never look as good as them.  The age-defying secret is now available to the public for the low, low price of $700.00.   You too can achieve the look you always wanted without worrying about what you eat, sun damage or hereditary flaws.  Yes, it's just this easy! 🙂 Adobe Photoshop Parady

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  • No more documentary…

    Nah!  I'm just kidding.  I am, however, moving all the documentary blog posting to the NEW documentary website.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There is a new, dedicated website to the LEFTOVERS documentary complete with images, video clips, new blog postings and links to all the great organizations featured in this film. I will no longer be posting any documentary related blog postings here and will, once again, dedicate this site to my photography work and photography related blog posts.  You can check out all the new information and related posts on the new site: (THIS IS NO LONGER ACTIVE - NEW INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED SOON AFTER 1/31/15) I want to thank all of you for reading these posts and following the progress and now you can do so on a site dedicated to eradicating the plight of senior hunger.  I hope you join me there. Seth

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