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  • Have patience, will travel (and work!)

    While the transition to living and working in LA is a slow process, I decided to open myself up to more work opportunities and contacted some old friends back in Indy to let them know I am available for bookings. Since it is taking some time to get established here in LA my confidence and ego were taking a beating so I needed something to get me shooting and working again. Well, I am so thankful for the people in Indy because when I posted a message that I was coming back in town for two weeks and am available for Senior and Family Portraits I was immediately booked. Not only was I booked but I was FULLY booked all 10 slots have been filled and people are paying the deposits.
    Downtown Indianapolis and Monument CIrcle, Soldiers and Sailors Monument

    Downtown Indianapolis and Monument Circle

    Indianapolis and the White River Canal, State Park

    Indianapolis and the White River Canal

    I am so excited to see old friends and make some new ones with the people who have booked me as their photographer and to start working again. It will be a crazy, chaotic 2.5 weeks but I am looking forward to it and this is exactly what I needed to get me going again and I am once again excited to be a photographer. When you move to some place city and have to re-establish yourself (as I have to do twice now) it can be challenging, discouraging and frustrating. But things are looking up... as they always do. In all of this I hope to convey to everyone out there that PATIENCE really is something we all have to have and this is really a lesson in perseverance. I was ready to cash in the photography gear and think about looking for something full time but the photography gods want to keep me around a little longer. And, that makes me happy! happy  

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